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Selasa, 29 Mei 2012

Augmented Reality - Definiton

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Augmented Reality is considered an extension of Virtual Reality. Virtual Reality (VR) is a virtual space in which players immerse themselves into that space and exceed the bounds of physical reality. In virtual reality, time, physical laws and material properties may no longer be thought of as true, in contrast to the real-world environment. Instead of considering AR and VR as exact opposite concepts, Milgram et al. claim them as the Reality-Virtual (RV) continuum (Milgram, Takemura, Utsumi and Kishino, 1994).
Ronald Azuma offered a definition in 1997.[2] R. Azuma, A Survey of Augmented Reality Presence: Teleo. AR is about augmenting the real world environment with virtual information by improving people’s senses and skills. AR mixes virtual characters with the actual world. He identified three common characteristics of AR scenes: combination of the real and virtual, interactive in real-time, and having the scenes registered in 3D.[3]
On a graph, the origin R at the bottom left denotes unmodified reality. A continuum across the Virtuality axis V includes reality augmented with additional information (AR), as well as virtual reality augmented by reality (Augmented Virtuality or AV). Unmediated AV simulations are constrained to match the real world behaviorally if not in contents.
The mediality axis measures modification of AV, AR and mixes thereof. Moving away from the origin on this axis, the depicted world becomes increasingly different from reality. Diagonally opposite from R are virtual worlds that have no connection to reality. (at right) It includes the virtuality reality continuum (mixing) but also, in addition to additive effects, also includes modulation and/or diminishment of reality. Mediation encompasses deliberate and/or unintentional modifications.

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